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How long am I going to remain silenced or suspended?

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2016 04:03PM PDT
Here is an explanation of our silencing and blocking policies:

Silencing occurs automatically in most cases from an increasing volume of flags by different people on your content or user. We use a well proven moderation algorithm for this. Also note that silencing is temporary unless it becomes a recurring issue. Silenced users will be automatically unsilenced by the system often within a few hours, but can longer for repeat offenders. Silencing happens to the best of us, just wait and you'll be back in and try to be thoughtful about the community going forward. 

Suspensions however is permanent. Our moderators and admins have strict guidelines for silencing and blocking and never do this frivolously. If you were blocked, you probably know why.

We have to have these controls to keep the community generally happy and running well. Sorry.
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