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How to report inappropriate content or users?

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2015 11:23AM PST
Flagging is a way for us to track, and eliminate, inappropriate behavior in the app. Flagging is completely ANONYMOUS and the user will not know they’ve been flagged or by whom. There will be no “naming and shaming” of anyone who flags.

Flagging should only be done to Users or on Content that is clearly inappropriate. Frivolous flagging of any other user or content could result in the suspension or termination of your own account. Differences of opinion DO NOT constitute a flag. An individual user or individual piece of content only needs to be flagged once by the same person. However, multiple inappropriate pieces of content by the same user can be individually flagged.

To Flag a Message: click the three dots to the right of the message and click “Flag as Inappropriate.”
To Flag a Group: click the three dots on the bottom right of the group card on the feed and click “Flag as Inappropriate.”
To Flag a User: go to the profile page of the user in question and click the three dots on the top right corner and select “Report User.”

Flags are tracked by the administrators of the app. If we confirm that a user is violating our Terms of Use or being inappropriate, we may silence, suspend or terminate that user. Silenced users cannot post in groups but are able to send DMs. Suspended or Terminated users cannot access the app at all.

Please remember to abide by our Terms of Use and keep all content appropriate. You may review our Terms of Use at any time by accessing them at the bottom of the main menu in the app.
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