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Overview of App

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2014 09:26PM PDT
Find new posts and channels, meet like-minded people, join discussions and find great content.
  1. All – This list contains all discussions currently going on in the app. Users may either search by pulling down the list and typing a search query or peruse discussions by continuing to scroll the list. 
  2. Starred - This list contains all of the discussions you have either "followed" or have made a post in.
Pro-Tip: As soon as you post a message or comment in a discussion you will automatically join can manually leave a discussion by clicking the action menu on the activity page or discussion details page.

See which of your friends and followers are online and find which discussions they were last active in.
  1. Friends - All users that where you both follow each other
  2. Followers - Only those users that are following you but you are not following back
Pro-Tip: When you create a post, you’re friends get notified, so build more friendships to get your content is seen by more people.

Click to start a new discussion. Share something interesting. Ask a question. Pick a topic. Or just speak your mind. Be sure to pick a great image for your post so people want to join your discussion.

This is where you go to see the discussions and direct message conversations you are active in. You will see a notification badge whenever one of your discussions or conversations has a new message. You will also see general notifications here like when you get new followers, likes and coin rewards!
  1. Discussions - List of all discussions you have joined. Discussions with new messages will show at the top and highlighted purple.
  2. Conversations - List of all direct message conversations you are having. Conversations with new messages will show at the top and highlighted purple.​
  3. Notifications - List of all general notifications:
  • ​​​When someone likes a comment you made
  • When someone follows you
  • New friendships made
  • Coins awarded for sharing, inviting friends and karma achievements
  • New discussions created by you
  • New discussions from friends
  • New discussions in channels you subscribe to
Pro-Tip: Earn coins by sharing on Facebook & Twitter and for each friend you invite to the app. 

Access other areas of the app including editing your profile, buying or checking coin balance, virtual goods and notification settings

Reporting & Suspending Users
Any user may report another or or specific content as inappropriate from the post details page. Click on the 
action menu (the three horizontal dots) for a post, message or user then choose "report". Inappropriate behavior or content does not include comments or opinions that YOU don’t agree with. Abuse of the report user feature may result in account suspension. 

No Trolling, Mean People or Otherwise Bad Manners 
This app is free for everyone to use, please respect the terms of service and other members of the community. In particularly you will be suspended for:
  • No Trolling - Don't be inconsiderate, hostile or threatening
  • No Inappropriate Behavior - Don't post photos where they don't belong (particularly in the welcome feed) or make obscene or otherwise inappropriate comments.
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